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    My D945GNT motherboards won't start? Why?


      I recently purchased 5 Antec computer cases with Intel D945GNT motherboards installed. All of the motherboards look to be in perfect shape. There are no bulging caps, no obvious burn marks or visible damage (I've look them over closely with a magnifing glass and nothing). Each of these boards displays the "Green" power LED when power is connected to the board. They just do not activate when a processor and memory are installed, and the start button is pushed.


      1) The processor I'm using is good. It is a D820 Pentium "D" (2.8GHz/2M/800) and is supported by these motherboards.

      2) Memory is 2 X 512MB sticks of DDR2 3200U (Micron), and is also tested good.

      3) Power supply is an Antec 550w that is tested as fully operational.


      Situation: All of the cases (Antec Sonata II) are in very good condition, and each contained an identical D945GNT motherboard. These were all purchased at the same time and place. This was a salvage re-cycler that I've dealt with for many years and know that they weren't abused after they were received. My thinking is this: Why would all 5 motherboards look to be in perfect condition, but all 5 act exactly the same when attempting to power them up? Each of these 5 case/motherboard combo's were turned in from the same business, and appear to be identical setups.


      My thinking is this: Could the reason these motherboard are non-operational be the result of a failed BIOS update? You know, a BIOS update being done by someone not knowing exactly what they were doing, and the update failed for some reason and corrupting the BIOS? Also, why would all 5 motherboard indicate the same identical issues (green LED power light shows power, but nothing happens when the power button is pushed.


      NOTE: I have removed all of the "COIN" batteries and have let the boards sit for more than 24 hours, in hopes of letting the BIOS disipate the charge, but still nothing works.


      Are there any known issues with these motherboards that could cause this problem, and are there any other things that I might attempt in trying to salvage these boards?

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          To check for correction use an older processor like pentium 4. Maybe the bios version not support this pentium D.

          If it fails use a single channel memory at 400Mhz ...

          Good luck. !

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               I put together a lot of D945GTPs with the D820 and it was a very good board. If you take all the memory out (leave none of it in) and turn it on do you get beep codes?


               If not you might be correct in a failed BIOS update. Try the recovery BIOS option. Download the recovery BIOS from Intel to a floppy. Put it in. Move the jumper on the board to the recovery position and turn it on. When the board is in BIOS revovery mode it should read the floppy disk and re-install the BIOS from the floppy.

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              I appreciate the thought, Dynamos, but even when I change processors, the board doesn't fire up. None of these boards begin to post at all. The motherboards (all of them) receive power when plugged in to a working power supply (as witnessed by the green LED on the board), but when I press the START button (I've also tried grounding the power connector pins together on the front panel with a small screw driver), nothing happens. None of the boards even attempt to start. The boards may in fact be bad, but as I said there are no visual signs of damage, and they appear to receive power normally. Hey, what can I say, I'm cheap, and this is a challenge! Thanks.


              Ziggy, first, thanks for the reply! That won't work as I can't get any of these boards to power up. They just show they are receiving power by the green LED indicator on the board. Just so you know, I've been building systems for around 15 years now (I'm a retired Military geek), This is the first time I've come across 5 motherboards, all the same Intel model, all appear in perfect shape, all from the exact same company, and not one of them will power on. Just seems to me to be too much of a coincidence. I assume they could all be bad boards, but that seems to be pushing the odds a bit. I would tend to believe that someone in their IT dept screwed up. By the way, I tried the swap memory swap thing and still it's a no go, and I can't use a floppy to redo the BIOS as the boards will not power on. Still looking for any ideas. Thanks!

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                Having failed all do the following tests.

                Look for the three capacitors like kegs.. Check if the top is deformed shape.If it's not and there is something like dark dry substance, remove them carefully.
                Connect the power supply and jumper pin 16 with nearest Ground pin 15 or 17.  Check out the voltage regulators of the board,  near CPU.

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                  Thanks for the thought, Dynamos, but checking for deformed or leaking caps was the first thing I did. There are none. Like I stated in my original post, these boards appear perfect. No bulging caps, no burns, no damages that can be easily seen with the naked eye. Your idea of checking the voltage regulators on the board is one I hadn't considered. I'll try doing that today and post the results when I'm done.

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                    hi dynamos, i have 3 motherbords D945GNT with the same problem. I saw your response to check the voltage regulators. Can you help me to tell me who are the voltage regulators and what value there must have to be good? this is a image of processor and other components around. Please can you give me a more specific answer Photo-0007.jpg

                    diferent times this motherboards stop and i used another power suply for startin them because with there own power suply them were "dead". the last motherboard stop working when we inserted a flash memori stik in a USB port. when we inserted this flash memory, the computer turned off in a second and still resting

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                      i checked the voltage regulators of the board and i saw that the voltage was 1.2v. is it the right output voltage