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    can't use USB keyboard to troubleshoot bad drive with Intel Motherboard and raid controller


      I had a Raid Drive fail. When the Computer boot the Raid Bios is first to load so I do not see the Motherboard bios prompt, and I immediatly get message:

      FW package 8.0.1-0038  All of the disks from your previous configuration are gone. if this is an unexpected message, then please power off and check cables. Press any key to continue. or "C" to load the configuration utility.


      However, since the Intel mother board has no PS2 port and the USB are not activated in the motherboard Bios yet. I cannot "press any key or C".

      I updated to the Latest MB Bios.


      How do I access the raid configuration menu with the raid card installed?


      The Bios for the raid controller SRCSATAWB with a Intel DS5400XS motherboard.


      Thank you