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    DP35DP with Q9550 no speed stepping


      Hi, this is my first post.


      I recently upgraded from a Core2 Duo E6850 3.0GHz to a Core2 Quad Q9550.  I bought this processor because it is on the DP35DP compatible processor list on the INTEL site.  Big mistake.  Anyways, after reading on the problems others have had I down graded to 571 BIOS and it seems to be booting now.


      However, I do have one issue still.  My Windows 7 64 bit used to have speed stepping in running one my Core2 Duo, but seems to be pegged at 100% cpu frequency on this now Core2 Quad.  I have tried setting in the Power settings, with no help, and there is not speed stepping setting in the BIOS.


      Anyone seen this, and know if I can get this working??


      Thanks again for you help.