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    Cannot find compatible F6 disk for DH55TC SATA device 3B20


      I support a client that had a motherboard failure on their server last year.  I had to quickly replace the hardware, and the best equipment I could get on short notice was a Intel Desktop board (DH55TC).  I understand that officially, Intel does not support Windows Server 2003 or 2008 on this board.  However, that's the hardware we are stuck with for now.


      When I replaced the hardward, I was able to get the existing Windows 2003 Server OS to run and then installed the proper driver packages that I downloaded from Intel.  However, now I am in the position of having to re-install the OS.  More specifically, I need to do a Repair Install to fix some OS corruption that was caused by the faulty hardware from last year.  I downloaded the appropriate F6 floppy packages from the Intel Download Center, but to my suprise Windows 2003 Setup just hangs after all of the drivers load (at the "Windows is starting" stage).  I have done a bit of troubleshooting, and now I am about 90% confident that the problem is that it can't find a mass-storage device to install on.  When I start the exsting Windows 2003, it shows two SATA controllers:


      Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family 2 Port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 3B26

      Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family 4 Port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 3B20


      I have checked the device attributes, and confirmed that the PCI vendor code is 8086 (Intel) and device code is 3B26 and 3B20.  Unfortunately, the drivers on all of the F6 floppies I have been able to find on the Internet (from Intel and other hardware vendors) that say they support the H55 chipset do not actually contain drivers for these two devices. I checked the TXTSETUP.OEM file and the iaAHCI.inf files and neither one contains any reference to these two controllers.  I don't know why these packages don't contain the right drivers, but I'm stumped and need some help figuring this out.


      Any suggestions?

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          Have you checked the storage controller setting in the BIOS; the default on this motherboard is 'IDE' mode which would not need any drivers.

          Once the correct inf is installed one of the sata controllers does have 3B20 as its ID but it should not need a driver during setup for the hard drive to be found.


          How old is your Server 2003 disc ; I would make sure you have a disc with Service Pack 2 integrated, you can do this yourself if you search slipstream. I have had problems in the past with non-service pack discs and newer motherboards.