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    Need help, intel core 2 duo processor T5750


      To start sorry for my bad english.


      My question is this, i have lap-top pc that have intel core 2 duo processor T5750 and i'm trying to speed up him and i have read that if i update bios of the precessor it can run better but i'm having some problens.


      I have see the video tuturial to instal new bios however it requires the name of the processor to check out for updates and i have failed to know the name of it, i can't understand how i do it! i have read the tuturial about that but some how thing is difrent on my pc...


      can i upgrad bios on my lap-top?

      how do i know the name of it?!


      i leave here some more data that may help you guy's help me...


      i run on vista ultimat 32 bit's


      service pack 1


      serial number of mainbord LXAQC0X41082205AD02500 (i know this cos of program call sandra...)


      pc is aspire 5920g 3gb ddr2


      help plz...


      i leave my email to Ruimrcc@hotmail.com send answers to there to


      thx very much