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    midplane-2 (FALSASMP2 - LSI 1078 C2) flash erased - need recovery


      Hi folks,


      I've got a FALSASMP2 midplane with LSI 1078 RoC in a SR1625URSAS server (S5520UR mainboard) of which I have accidently erased the flash by using the wrong flash update script by mistake.

      After this, the server doesn't boot anymore but gives the "Front Panel NMI Activated - System Halted" notification after the F2, F6, F12 boot POST notifications.

      Using the BIOS recovery software and changing the jumper setting, I have regained access to the EFI shell but so far I've been unsuccesful in trying to flash the midplane/controller again.


      I'm using the latest firmware zipfile from Intel site (EPSD_SAS_FW_v.2011.02.14_ph20.zip).


      Trying to flash the correct firmware (using sasflash -o -f firmware.fw) doesn't work because it requires NVSRAM to flash IR firmware.


      Trying with a firmware from Base_FW\1078\C2\ doesn't work either because they don't have a NVDATA image concatenated.

      sasflash -list says it needs a firmware download as the controller isn't started but doesn't take this firmware either, due to no NVDATA.


      By concatenating the mp2.dat or sas1078.dat file to one of these firmwares, sasflash -list works, but it still doesn't allow me to correctly flash my midplane.


      Can someone point me to a solution to get my controller back to work please ?
      I have access to an identical system of which I might be able to pull firmware or nvdata, if necessary.


      Thanks in advance !