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    DP67BG update BIOS problem


      Hello everybody,


      I recently bought the DP67BG motherboard and I have a problem with it.

      I can't update the BIOS, and because of that, I can't install any Windows.


      I tried with an USB stick: I put the correct update files on the stick and I boot with the keys F7 to go to the update utility.

      In the update utility, I select the good files to update, but the utility freezes, the screen doesn't change for a long time (I wait for 20 minutes, nothing)

      The only way to do something is to reset, and the update isn't done.


      If I try with IFLASH, it's the same problem, I can't update the BIOS.


      I hope I could fix this problem, because this motherboard seems to be very good.


      Thank you

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          Do you have any USB drive connected? The first time I updated the BIOS I also waited for a long time for nothing, then I decided to disconnect the USB optical drive and the process went on. So far I've updated from 1900 to 1979 and then to 2023 and 2040 without problems. All using the F7 procedure.


          I think it's also a good idea to disable boot from USB and removable drives before trying the update.

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            Thanks for your answer

            I haven't any USB drive connected, the only thing which is connected is the optical drive, in sata with an IDE adaptator , and when I disconnect the device, it doesn't change anything .

            I don't understand why it doesn't work, I do everything fine.