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    i7 processors WiDi vs WiMax


      Just purchased a new Sony F series laptop and NetGear push2tv only to find that my i7 processor has been set up for WiMax (4G Broadband, which by the way is a service you have to pay to use - and it's something you can get or have on your smart phone already!) and not WiDi.

      Now maybe it's just a Sony thing (I will contact them as well) but think this was wrong to do especially when you can use your smart phone to wirelessly connect your computer/laptop/notebook to the internet and have the same access around the world as this WiMax Broadband. It's a waste! Where as WiDi is usefull especially for what most people are looking for - wireless connectivity to their tv. 

      I would have to buy a wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver bundle/set and the technology is still evolving in this area so it is very pricey. Yes, you can get some low-end bundle/sets but...you get what you pay for. The better ones are upwards of $200!!!

      I guess all in all I'm just plain miffed at what I am having to go through when all I really wanted was to connect wirelessly to my tv from my laptop. And had my hard drive on my Toshiba not crashed (for the second time) I would have been purchasing a play station 3 instead saving hundreds and not have to deal with WiMax vs WiDi to begin with!