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    S5000VSA - Windows 2008 x64 - Blue Screen randomly


      Hi Everyone,


      I have a clients server that has been blue screening randomly for months now. I've seem to help the problem somewhat by removing half the memery that was installed but we still have the same problem every 2-7 days. We use the onboard RAID.


      The BSOD is rebooted from a bugcheck error 0x0000001e



      Kingston KVR667D2D4F5/2GI memory modules - 8 GB currently (was 16 but since removed half)

      BIOS - S5000.86B.11.00.0096.011320091422, 13/01/2009


      I've tried to install the intel active system software so hopefully find some errors or problems to work with but I have trouble installing. The system is Windows 2008 x64 and when I run the x64 file it wants to install the visual c++ x86 components which fails? Is this right?


      What else can I try?  I'm hesitant to update the BIOS as I don't want to destory the RAID and I cannot find any decent instructions to work from here. I must say I'm used to HP servers were these updates are all done for you and its very easy so excuse my ignorance.