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    Cosmetic Issues with DH61BE


         I recently got in a DH61BE motherboard for evaluation. Slapped in a Western Digital WD2500AAKX (6Gbps) hard drive in one of the 6G SATA ports. The first thing I noticed was that the BIOS only displays the 4-3G ports. The two 6G ports are nowhere to be seen hence is you look in the BIOS there is no hard drive in the system..


         So I load up Windows 7 Progessional X64 along with Intel Rapid Storage Technology software and I see (actually don't see) the same thing. The Rapid Storage Technology software shows the DVD drive but no sign of the internal Western Digital hard drive. It runs pretty good for not having a hard drive LOL!


         I am either missing something obvious or Intel is. When I plug a 6G drive in to one of the 6G ports on this motherboard why can't I see it in the BIOS or the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software?

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             I guess as long as I an ragging on Intel I might as well make it complete. I do not like the design changes that came with this motherboard. I don't know the exact percentages but my guess is that well over half the computers today are some sort of tower. Intel has 1) moved the rear chassis fan connector directly above the CPU 2) kept the CPU power connector directly above the CPU and 3) move the CPU fan connector directly above the CPU.


             Bad design. Unless Intel has found a way to overcome gravity all the above power cables are going to eventually wind up in the CPU fan. It is just a matter of time. I have never really undersood why the CPU power connect was placed where it was but there was always something close to wiretie it to and avoid the possibility of it eventually dropping down in to the CPU fan. Now there are two more potential threats. Intel went the wrong way! Maybe it is time for some of their design engineers to come out of their white towers and get their hands dirty, Put a few computers together and see the flaws in their designs.....