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    Cannot downgrade ME firmware??? "Image blacklisted"




      This is related to my previous post... I just tried to downgrade the BIOS version for my i3 Dell OptiPlex 990 down from A05 to A02. The BIOS downgraded successfully; however on the Intel ME portion, the message: "Image blacklisted" was displayed - it appears that I am stuck at and cannot restore the functionality I was enjoying an hour ago!!!


      It's important that I restore this system to a state where I can continue to use the existing code (ME v7.1.4.1068) - or I need to find out how to programatically set up an IDE-R session in a way which is supported by the new firmware version.


      Urgent help on this would be greatly appreciated,






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          Hello Alex,


          This is a custom bit for FW downgrades that OEM's can choose whether or not to enable.  I have pinged a contact at Dell and requested feedback on what options are available/possible to push the FW back when you reset to an older BIOS version.


          One question I do have is what feature or use of AMT had you implemented that broke or does not work as you had expected from the FW update?  These versions of the 7.x FW should behave in very similiar manner across all builds.