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    dx58so2 will not boot at all, Port 80h 17 error


      I purchased this motherboard in February and it was working perfectly fine until a few days ago. I bought a GeForce GTX 560 Ti, 12 GB G. Skill Sniper ram at 1600 mhz, and a 1000w power supply. I installed all three upgrades and booted up perfectly fine, computer recognized new parts. First issue was i could not get the ram to the 1600mhz specified speeds, even when using XMP. I decided to update my BIOS and it was successful, yet upon bootup i received the error about not starting up successfully or what-not (going by memory, i am sorry). I went into BIOS and loaded the defaults and chose to exit and save, but my computer rebooted and all i receieved was a black screen.


      I then figured i messed up the bios defaults and possibly chose another value instead of the defaults. I decided to remove the CMOS battery for an hour (as stated by intel's documentation on resetting bios settings). I inserted the battery back into the motherboard and tried to boot up but was given the black screen as before. This is when i noticed the Port 80h LED screen that was stuck at "17". Looking online at the code meanings, it was a "Entry to SMBUS execute read/write". I left the computer alone for 20 minutes and was still stuck at that black screen.


      One thing i did notice was every few seconds, the codes seem to reset or as if the computer quickly reboots and tries to start again. What i mean by this is that it'll go to a different number besides "17" and then after 2 more numbers it will get back to "17" and stay there.


      I replaced all the pieces that i had just purchased with my old hardware that i knew work and unfortunately still got stuck at the black screen with a Port 80h "17" code error.


      I am completely baffled right now and am unsure on what to try next. Can anyone help please?