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    DX58S02 PCIE x1_1 bug




      I am compelled to write you because I am having trouble with my motherboard DX58S02.


      I have two video capture cards that have 16 channels of a port PCIe x1. I have two cards installed and only one is recognized by windows7Pro.


      Tests I've done, both cards operate perfectly well that if there is one and only installed on port PCIe_x1_2. The two cards do not work on port PCIe_x1_1 what either alone or not.


      In short not use both cards at the same time I need both on the same machine.


      What should I do?

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          Oops! It looks like you have posted your question as private to some of the administrators and community members. If you want to get help from the community, please ask a public question in the desktop boards support community.


          If you do not want to ask a question in the community, you could contact Intel Customer Support.


          I noticed when I looked up your desktop board support page at http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/highlights/dsktpboards/db-dx58so2 that a new BIOS is available. Have you tried updating your BIOS? I do not know if the BIOS update will help you or not, because I am not familiar with the desktop boards. However, a BIOS update is one of the things I try if I have issues with my computers.


          I  hope this helps.


          Mark H

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            Thank you for this information ...


            I wanted to try the update the bios but the intel download center seemed down yesterday ...


            This seems restored I will try today ...

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              Here, after the update the bios, nothing has changed ....


              My problem persists!


              I noticed that in device manager, after startup, the first card (PCIe_x1_1) is not present but the second (PCIe_x1_2) is present. If I did a search of material plug & play, first appears in the list! The cards are the company UDP Technologies HP4000EX This is the model they can run two cards in the same machine and the driver version is!


              When I open the video management software, neither card is found by him! But if I remove the card from the first PCIe_x1_1, the second appears in the soft!


              I need to find a solution quickly and I thank all those who can help me.