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    Restricted iScsi target on SS4000-e


      I have venerable but fully functioning Intel SS4000-e with approximately 1.5 Terabytes of space for which I have no specific use.


      I also have a newly built Windows Home Server 2011 which because MS elected to drop drive extender I need to set up a backup destination before I store live data on.


      It is fairly obvious that the two systems fit together very well except for one major problem, WHS 2011 is based on server 2008 R2 and is 64 bit only and the inbuilt backup routine will only run to "local" drives. The backup client for the storage server generates an iScsi target on the server but only by installing the backup client and this is only compatible with 32 bit software.


      Can I enable the iScsi target on the SS4000 in order to attach the WHS server using the Microsoft iScsi Initiator and therefore manage the backup routines as was originally intended? I do have other options but his would be the neatest and the server would be the only client to use the SS4000. I could install the client on a spare system if needed in order to initialise the target but I assume this would not be accessible from the WHS server by default.