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    Help! my RAID5 killed itself


      I have 4x 2tb drives in a RAID5 my PC for storage (system on a separate  boot ssd). It uses the features of Intel ICH10R chipset on my  motherboard, and "Intel rapid Storage Technology" software. I had  updated the Intel RST software to version 10.1 and rebooted, and now I  don't have access to the RAID. I have sense gone backward and installed a couple of previous versions, and seen no change. When I attempt to open the drive in  windows (win7 x64) I get the horrible greeting message "You need to  format the disk in drive G: before you can use it. Do you want to format  it?" :cry: NO I DON'T!!! If I hit no here, I get "Location is not available, G:\  is not accessible. The volume does not contain a recognized file  system..." In windows disk management it reports that the disk is online  and "healthy", but RAW. Intel RST reports that the the raid as a whole is  "green" and 3 of the 4 drive are green, and 1 has a non-failure warning  possibility related to a smart-type failure (this the reason I had  updated the Intel RST in the first place, wish I hadn't)

      So, what do I do? This is so frustrating sense I chose RAID5 because  this data is important and it is supposed to provide redundancy so you  DON'T lose data. I'm pretty sure I need to somehow get the partition to realize that it's a proper NTFS partition but I don't know what steps to do this.