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      Hello to All,


      I am on the verge of purchasing the DP67BGB3 for a new build and am looking for a good aftermarket cooler that will fit.  I have the Prolimatech Megahalems rev b.  on a current build on a LGA 1366 965 Extreme.  Not sure even with the 1156 pin adapter this cooler will work with the DP67BGB3.  I'm also not sure whether I will use the 2500K or 2600K with this board, but it will be one of these two.  What recommendations do you have?

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          If your looking for a good cooler that will protect your board and the 2600k look at the coursair H2o Kit I have the H-50 and the H-70 .  The h-50 is cooling a QX9650 130 watt and keeping it at 40 C No matter what I throw at it.

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            Thanks, I have looked very closely at Corsair and other brands of self contained water cooled HSFs.  I think for this device, I want to stay with a high quality air cooler.  Just wanting to know what will fit and what won't without any problems. 

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              I just built my new computer with the DP67BGB3 and the i7-2600k. The cooler I have is the Zalman CNPS11X Extreme http://www.zalman.com/ENG/product/Product_Read.asp?idx=442


              If you mount it in the recommended position, horizontally with the fan blowing toward the back of your case, it will be clear of all ram slots. If you use ram with tall heat spreaders, I didn't, then they will stick up directly in front of the cpu fan with a clearance of about a quarter of an inch. There won't be any interference but it might look funny. This cooler easily clears the other heatsinks around the processor.


              You would probably like me to comment on the cooling performance but all I've been doing so far is loading software. This processor and cooler combination has yet to get much above idle temps. This is the coolest running processor I've seen in years. When I finally get time to play some games I'll know more.

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                Thanks Kank!  I read the reviews on this cooler, sounds like a good cooler, right now it's between this cooler and the Coolermaster 212+.

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                  Your welcome.

                  That CoolerMaster looks pretty good. Now I'm wondering why I overlooked it!

                  I must have been distracted by the Zalman's fancy appearance :-)

                  Good luck.