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    Blank Icon on control panel and bad sync with PRO/Set Enterprise Software Tray Icon [6250agn]


      My system is a laptop with Win 7 x64 SP1 OS


      I have 2 problems with the Intel PRO/Set Wireless software, one related to the 14.x.x version and one related to the Pro/SET Enterpise Software (any versions). When I install the new Intel PRO/Set version 14.x.x (I install also the latest, in te control panel, menu view, the installer creates a blank icon (see the picture):




      If I revert to 13.5 version, the icon and the related problem disappear: it seems an installer problem and I would ask to fix it. I try also different configuration for the installer, but the problem still persist.


      The second problem instead is relative to the Enterprise PRO/Set software tray icon, that manage the various WiFi connection, just like in Windows XP: the very annoying problem related to Win 7 version consists in the bad startup syncronization it has: sometimes at boot, while the Win 7 Wireless Workcenter connects to the WiFi network, the tray icon report there is a problem with the network and, if I open the Pro/Set software, it reports it is connected to the Network without problem! So, it seems there is no syncronization with the tray icon and the whole software. The problem fixes whether I restore the Software, but this is a frustrating procedure, because the it is quite frequent. Could ou please check laso this problem bucause I would like to use the Intel PRO/Set Wireless Utility instead the Win 7 one, just like in Windows XP!


      Thanks in advance

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          I have absolutely the same problem - the blank icon in control panel and the wifi desynchronization stating "Adapter not found!". I read also some other posts by other people with the same issue, but there also seems to be no one giving a solution. So I guess we would hope that intel come up with a newer and better version of this installer or package, wherever the problem would be. Or until some one notices these posts.. For now this is only an annoying interface but let's hope it doesn't get worse!


          Till the next fix!