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    CPU and memory issues


      I have a technical problem. I have to upgrade my RAM on my desktop.


      Specifications :

      CPU - Intel core i5 750 @ 2.67 GHz, Lynnfeild, socket 1156 LGA

      Mother board: ASUS P7P55D

      Operating system: Windows home premium, 64 bit.


      Now I checked on the Intel site - this CPU supports DDR 3 RAM upto 1333 Mhz only. Any faster , I will have to overclock the CPU. FSB to 160 from 150. Maybe tinker with the BIOS. I do not want to do that.

      The motherboard however is compatible with 1600 MHz speeds.

      Both Corsair and Crucial sites say DDR 3 1600 MHz will work, but neither consider the CPU, they only ask about the motherboard type and  number.


      Which RAM will be compatible with my system?  I plan 2 X 4 GB = 8 GB, should be OK with my OS. I want to use 1600 Mhz , but this may not work.


      TO add to the confusion an Intel document says 1600 Mz is compatible - http://www.intel.com/en_US/Assets/PDF/prodspec/ww02-2011-XMP-self-cert_Core-i5-BlueBadge.pdf



      Obliged if someone can shed light.

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          You can install RAM running at 1600 MHz but this RAM will be running only at 1333 MHz, since this is the maximum supported by the processor.

          Basically, since the RAM will be running at slower speed, then there is no point on installing faster  RAM that the one that the processor supports, in other words we recommend installing the RAM that will run at the speed the processor supports.