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    How to enable ahci support in a post install Windows XP SP3


      I currently own an Asus p8z68 Deluxe motherboard obviously based on Intel's Z68 chipset. It offers 2 ports at Sata3, 4 ports at Sata 2. I installed windows xp without ahci. I am now running Windows xpsp3. If you try to install the specific Cougar Series 6 C200 6 port AHCI driver windows BSOD and with ahci in bios set to enabled.


      I have not really found any solution yet on how you can get ahci to work on a post install of Windows XP Service Pack 3 running the Z68 Chipset. I would be so grateful if someone could provide any help or guidance in this matter. Normally I would just reinstall but it would take forever with all the software, hardware and games I own.


      Really could use the communities help on this.


      Thank you for reading this and any time you spend in responding.


      The solutions I have been sent to include the following:

      http://forums.pcper.com/showthread.php?t=444831 - the last page has a semi-fix.  It says to use the desktop/workstation/express ahci driver but it leaves primary/secondary and standard pci ide controller in the controller group and doesn't really say if you now are running AHCI properly.


      http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/109450-enable-intel-ahci-under-xp%3B-case-closed-read-second-last-post/page__st__240 - doesn't mention the newer cougar series 6 chipset and so the vendor info doesn't match up since intel has several "c" based numbers for each of the sata 2/4 port drivers.  Topic also died/locked before it got to series 6 chips.


      http://www.mdgx.com/xp.htm#PSP3 - says fix no longer valid as Intel made native support in its drivers with 6 series chip and doesn't detail how then to get series 6 to work.


      I really would like to find a solution to this issue.  If people came up with workaround using older chipsets there has to be a fix for series 6, and specifically z68 chipset.  As I said there are ahci cougar inf files in the Intel Chipset Drivers but they are only 6 port where intel divides it into 2/4 port in device manager.

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          Refer to microsoft article # 922976 .

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            Man why would you want to use a NON-Supported OS on a nice board like that come on in to this century  Get W 7 64 Bit  so you will not be limited to 3.3 GB ram ?????

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              Oh I am in the current century, but sadly not all companies who made software back in the xp era are around or their software never was updated to work in Win7.  Yes I know xp mode if you own the professional edition (which I do) but if you are a gamer or have apps that need the directx api's you can't run them in xp mode (not unless Microsoft has totally revamped xp virtual mode in the last few days).  So I run a hard drive with xp and a hard drive with win 7.  I use a hot swap front mounted bay so the only hassle is waiting for the system to reboot.


              In regards to ms article 922976, it refers only to Win 7 and Vista.  It says to go to xp solution center for the applicable version for xp but there is none.  So you can't use the MS autofix option.  Those two reg entries only appear if you have got ahci drivers loaded.  The problem there is no way to confirm you actually have it working.  Since Intel refuses to at least provide a non-liable solution, warning that you could trash your install, suffer a performance hit and hence they won't be responsible if you take their possible fix and damage your install, your data, etc.  However Intel if they are still supporting xp in their chipset drivers they could at least provide some help.


              As I said I have tried the online suggestions but have no way to know if it is actually working correctly.  Sure my system loads into windows xp.  However I don't know if the device manager and the list it shows for IDE ATA/ATAPI is correct.  I can confirm however that the Plextor 850SA does work in ahci mode, contray to some warnings about optical drivers not working in ahci or surviving a test conversion over to ahci and being recognized.


              So I still hope there is a solid method to doing this and knowing that it is working on the z68 chipset.


              But Robert thank you for that reminder about the age of xp and that link/support article#.  Also after you factor in the video card, that ram number is more like 1.9-2.1gb (depending on what apps you load on startup - firewall, antivirus, etc.).


              I save 64bit for Win 7 since developers have caught up in almost all cases to the difference between 32/64 in Windows 7.  Sadly a few still have not made the effort, refuse to so you will have to upgrade to new hardware (looking at Logitech with this comment) or so they don't have their engineers and developers working on software/drivers which much like Microsoft supporting XP is not bringing in any new revenue.  I can't totally blame them but at the same time, it is just good customer relations to make an effort.  That is how they earn the goodwill and therefore loyal repeat customers for their hardware/software.

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                I have never tried this , But just a Idea what if you installed the AHCI driver with the F6 Method , or is it that you don't want to go through a complete fresh install. You might try the chat line and ask Intel would this work. ??