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    DG41RQ intel motherboard sound problem


      I have DG41RQ intel motherboard newly and my question is sound problem I’m getting very low sound quality

      I update resend version of bios and sound driver but no improvement please help me to slove this problem

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          You've done the right thing by updating everything you can. If you have case audio header cables plugged into the board, disconnect them for testing purposes as sometimes these can be wired differently to what the motherboard expects. If you still get poor audio quality then have a nosey at the Audio Troubleshooting Wizard on Intels website.

          • 2. DG41RQ intel motherboard memory problem

            saludos amigo

            mira tengo un problem, yo tengo igual un DG41RQ, y tengo un problema y tan vez sea de configuración,

            tengo 2 memorias de 4 G pc 6400 y cuando se la pongo al boarh no me reconoce los 8 G, solo me reconoce 4 G, dime que puedo hacer para que reconozca los 8 G, tengo instalado el seven ultimate a 32 bit como sistema opertativo.


            le agradesería cualquier ayuda, aca le envio mi dirección de email