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    Mainboard Compatibility


      Hi, Im looking for the right mainboard for my unit. Any recommendations out there as to the model that we should use? We will be utilizing the server to run 5 virtual machines a flight school in miami. They will transferring over their data to a virtual setup bringing over their web, file, and active directory servers over.

      Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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          When I configure VM's , I usually try for at lease 2 cores per VM and ~ 2 gig memory per VM (one to handle the application and one to handle OS maintenance) Many application will benefit from even more additional cores in the VM.


          So, for 5 VM's you'll want 10 or more cores.

          I would go with a dual - 6 core WSM processor server with 12 g ram (or more)

          You could likely get by with less, but you will see performance degradation .


          Depending on where you plan to put the system, Rack or pedestal mount.

          Intel manufactures many semi integrated rack servers where you add your own cpu, memory, hdd & OS 

          As well as other building lock for pedistial systems