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    DP67BG  - New Bios - Overclock Assistant! Easy 4.5GHz OC!


      WOW!  I just got done installing the new bios 2040 for the DP67BG and there's a really cool new feature under Performance called "Overclock Assistant".  I just got my 2500K to 4.5GHz and all I had to do was to enable the Overclock Assistant and manually pick what CPU speed I wanted and what RAM speed I wanted and that was it!  The choices for CPU speed range from 3.8 to 4.5GHz and the RAM options are: default, 1600, 1867 or 2133.  I picked 4.5GHz for the CPU and picked 1600 for my RAM as that is what the default speed is for it anyway.  Maybe later I will try and increase the RAM speed and see what results I get.  Once I saved the settings and restarted the PC and it took no more than a minute after Windows started until I was sitting at the desktop with my CPU overclocked to 4.5GHz!  I couldn't believe how easy and fast the whole process was.  I have done some quick testing with Intel Burn Test and, according to CPUZ, my core voltage ranged from 1.392 to 1.400 when stressed and my temps were no higher than 68C.  That is with the Intel Burn Test set to Maximum (plus I have a CoolIT Vantage watercooler - keeps my 2500K cool!).  I am really happy with this new bios and I can't wait to try and see if I can get my CPU to 5GHz.