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    2 HDD in Raid0 + 1 SSD




      Within a few days I'll buy 3 drives:


      2 HDD Sata II (1 TB each one)
      1 SSD Ocz Vertex Sata III 120 GB

      I wonder if I can mount the following configuration using the Intel motherboard DH67BL:

      - The SSD Ocz Vertex with the operating system (Windows 7, in this case)
      - The 2 HDD Sata II in RAID-0 mode


      I never setup a RAID system and I am afraid that my motherboard set up my system in RAID-0 mode using all the 3 drives (2 HDD + 1 SSD) and not only using the two HDD as I wish.


      I must make the change only in the BIOS or do I need any specific software to mount the Raid-0 using only 2 HDDs ?