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    Error Help: igfxpers.exe | IccLibDll.dll


      I keep getting a igfxpers.exe Bad Image error at Windows 7 startup that says "IccLibDll.dll is either not running or not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error." I get the error at startup every time. Can someoe help me fix this? I am quite surprised to find almost nothing about this via searches on Google, Microsoft.com and Intel search...


      Thanks in advance for your help!



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          I have the same problem. I found the driver listed in the Intel HD Graphics driver list with no unknown provider, file version, copyright, and not digitally signed. How to fix this?

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            Problem solved in my case as below.


            Here is a similar problem I faced with my Dell Inspiron 17r laptop after I had to restart it when a program hanged.


            When I booted, I got an error message "persistwndname: igfxpers.exe - bad image" then it said "c:\windows\system32\IccLibDll_x64.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error......". I found this file was related to Intel display driver. So I rt clicked on "This PC" icon on desktop -> a dialog box opens -> click on device manager on left pane  -> click on the small arrow on the right pan displayed near "Display adapters" -> right click on the name of display adapter -> click on update driver software


            It took couple of minutes to download the software, my screen blinked once and the display driver got installed without any questions.


            I rebooted the my Dell Inspiron 17r laptop and now I no longer get the message.


            Hope this helps. Please do post your experience with similar issue.

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              Hello all,


              sachinwalvekar, thank you for sharing your outcome, let's hope that this could be useful for other users in the community.