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    D5400XS (SkullTrail) sound distortion after Crossfire installation


      Greetings all,


      I've got a D5400XS (SkullTrail) motherboard and am experiencing distorted sound from the on board output.


      Here's a history of what happened:

      1) I've had a single XFX RadeonHD 5870 running in there for over two years now on Windows 7 x64 with no issues

      2) I decided to try CrossFireX and hooked up a second XFX RadeonHD  5870

      3) When I turned on the PC I noticed that the sound now was distorted (crackling/broken)

      4) The sound is distorted for all sounds (video files, games, and general windows sounds)


      Admittedly the new card is used and the PCB is of an older design, but the specs and ATI chip set are the same. On paper this is an identical card to my original one; same memory, same chip set, same GPU clock, same memory clock, etc.



      Here's what I've done so far to diagnose the problem:


      1) Checked the 3.5mm cable from the speaker to the board (connection looks fine)

      2) Checked the 3.5mm jack on the board using headphones (same distorted sound as the speakers)

      3) Confirmed that the audio drivers for the board are current (although currently they're just the generic High Definition Audio Device drivers that come with Windows)

      4) Confirmed that the ATI Catalyst drivers and software were up to date

      5) Observed that the graphics acceleration seems unaffected, visuals display perfectly inspite of the sound issue

      6) Observed the CPU performance while testing the sound and playing games, CPU usage remains nominal (not maxing out or spiking)


      5) As a final resort I removed the new video card altogether returning the hardware configuration to its last working state and powered up the system, but the sound distortion remains.


      I've been looking online at different forums, but "sound distortion" is a very vague issue and most of the articles don't apply to me. What other techniques can I employ to figure out what the issue is with my sound? Has anyone else encountered this?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. And for those who might ask I use it as a hobby machine for 3d modelling, game development and some gaming on the side.



      System summary:


      2 x Intel Xeon X5482 @ 3.2 GHz

      16GB DDR2 800 RAM

      40GB Intel SSD

      2 x XFX ATI Readon HD 5870 w/1GB

      Windows 7 x64

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          No luck still in trying to fix my audio problems.


          I've tracked down various versions of drivers none of which have resolved the issue:

          • AUD_allOS_D20001.0x_PV_IDTGUI_v105_Legacy
          • AUD_allOS_5790.3x_5713.7v_PV_IDTGUI_v83
          • AUD_ALLOS_5324_5322_PV_REALTEK
          • IDTv087
          • R167846 (Dell driver)
          • R171786 (Dell driver)


          The retail box says that the motherboard is using "Intel HD Audio" but searching for drivers for this yields a wide array of options and none of them have panned out.


          I see lots of views for this post but no replies so I guess no one else has any suggestions. I'll keep trying and update this with what I know. Hopefully someone else can think of something to try which might shed some more light on what's wrong with my audio.


          It almost sounds like the distortion you would get when you put too much power through the signal line. Turning down the levels in the audio configuration doesn't make any difference, but I would expect that the problem is the signal being fed to the audio controller (as a result of the driver) not the signal coming out.


          Then again I still haven't fixed it so who knows.

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            For anyone that's been reading I've given up on fixing the onboard sound. I purchased an USB Sound Card (Zalman ZM-RSSC V2) and my sounds is back in working order now.


            I'm not sure what happened, but I suspect no amount of monkeying around with drivers was going to solve my issue. Perhaps one of the electronic components failed, a capacitor or a resistor or something, and the signal will forever be distorted now.


            I also suspect that installing CrossFire had nothing to do with the sound issue.


            So I guess if anyone encounters this all I got is just to go out and get a new sound card

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              What size PSU are you using Watts ??? Maybe the PSU could not handle the second card . Do you have HDMI Sound coming from the graphics cards ??

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                Check in control panel on sound tab what Frq. you have it set to , first try Regular CD sound ,than try DVD sound . one is 44Mhz the other is 48Mhz.

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                  @Robert Gifford


                  Thanks for the reply! My PSU is a 1200W Corsair so I'm pretty sure it can handle the extra video card. Also I did try different frequencies and bit rates in the "Speakers Properties" window, but all of them yielded the same distorted sound.


                  Additionally removing the card didn't resolve the distortion so the issue of power (under or over) is likely ruled out. Although to be honest perhaps installing the card provided a power spike to the on board sound somehow and damaged it. Still just speculation.


                  Thanks again for your reponse though.

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                    You could be right , I put a creative Music Extreme in a machine and it toasted toe on board sound .