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    [DP55WG] Loop Reboot issue



      • AA: E57269-407

      BIOS: KGIBX10J.86A (firmware 5936)


      CPU: INTEL i7-860

      • ProdCode: BX80605I7860

      RAM: KINGSTON KVR1333D3N9/4G x 4

      GPU: ASUS ENGT430/DI/1GD3(LP)

      SSD: INTEL X-25V (firmware 2CV102M3)

      • ProdCode: SSDA2MP040G2K5
      • Serial#: 1MFFSEGUPR
      • Version#: G11139-100
      • MM#: 909120

      HDD: SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.12 ST31000528AS (firmware: CC49)

      NIC: DLINK DWA-556 A1




      Finished formatting an external hdd (Maxtor OneTouch4Mini PN:9NU2A4-501 SN: 2HAPLSJ8), after 3 hours and a half, motherboard begun to reboot continously.

      What happens now, is that after using pc about 20 minutes, it starts to reboot, each time faster (first i can get in the OS, on the 2nd i can get to the black screen loading OS, the 3rd i have a little time surfing BIOS panel, lastly it continues to reboot without arriving on intel logo).

      At  this point i've switched from BIOS firmware 4905 to 5936. But the problem didn't resolve.



      I've tried the last version of the Intel Desktop Tool, and monitoring on a session, voltage and temperature, were always on the green level.

      (CPU arrives to 65C° or even more)

      SSD Toolbox shows me that X-25V it's ok.

      Before first reboot misadventure, all was running ok.

      To refer about electric current standard, i live in italy.

      Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1



      Did i open it on the right session?

        • 1. Re: Performed Tests

          About PSU:

          - i've changed power cable

          - iv'e changed where does cable attach to the wall

          - [ADDED] checked power connections (not for GPU and NIC), all seems ok


          Notes through Intel Desktop:

          - Voltage given to Processor is equal to 0,809 (near lower limit): is this thanks to intel features technology?


          Thermal Notes:

          - The only and the most hot device, is the one that Intel Desktop don't monitors, PSU.


          General Notes:

          - I've opened the case and watch hardware to see if there was any wrong on it's behaviour:

          - I've just only noticed that before shutting down (less than a second before), it blinks one time the 'proc hot cr2pr' led (i think it's processor led)



          - There's any way to get the logs of the BIOS?

          - I think that over the half past 3 hours, after PC finished formatting external HDD and didn't was doing anything, it reached i high temperature; is any component on the Motherboard, that damaged from temperature, reboots continously after using pc for about 20 minutes?

          - [ADDED] Does Drivers from NVIDIA change GPU's firmware too ?



          On BIOS, i've setted some values:

          -> Sata Devices where set for AHCI mode

          -> Sata Devices Boot Order where changed

          -> All Boot Optimization Options where enabled

          -> Virtualization was enabled

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            About SATA devices:

            - i've desattached SATA cables and Power Cables for SSD and HDD


            About OPTICAL device:

            - i've desattached SATA and Power cable


            About USB devices & Audio (Mouse,Keyboard,Audio):

            -i've disattached them


            About GPU:

            -I've disattached connection to display (VGA)


            About NIC:

            -I've disattached the three external antennas


            [ADDED] About RAM:

            -I've tried leaving just 2 RAMs each one on the blue DIMM's, as manual follows


            General notes:

            -i've noted that before rebooting the number display near CPU (POST code led DS3BU, titled "CPU - DP55WG(B)"), begans to display different codes

            - Auxiliary PCI Express graphics power connector it's not used

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              did you disconnected all drives? if yes, does motherboard restarts yet after 20 mins? connect only CPU,moniotor and keyboard.


              then check to PSU with digi multimeter how much current its impacting and check with another CPU fan. 

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                I couldn't do any further intervention because it's under garauntee, so i've passed the problem to the seller company where i boght it.

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                  It was a motherboard issue, things where fixed.