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    Intel PXZ 270




      I've found an old satnav (Navman iCN 750) and got to know that it's powered by an Intel PXZ 270 processor (320 MHz). I looked for technical details in the Internet but this CPU seems to not exist. Can someone tell me a few details about this CPU (e.g. cache, performance)? Thanks!


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          Intel PXZ 270

          ■ High-performance processor:
          —Intel XScale® microarchitecture with
          Intel® Wireless MMX™ Technology
          —7 Stage pipeline
          —32 KB instruction cache
          —32 KB data cache
          —2 KB “mini” data cache
          —Extensive data buffering
          ■ 256 Kbytes of internal SRAM for high
          speed code or data storage preserved
          during low-power states
          ■ High-speed baseband processor interface
          (Mobile Scalable Link)
          ■ Rich serial peripheral set:
          —AC’97 audio port
          —I2S audio port
          —USB Client controller
          —USB Host controller
          —USB On-The-Go controller
          —Three high-speed UARTs (two with
          hardware flow control)
          —FIR and SIR infrared communications
          ■ Hardware debug features — IEEE JTAG
          interface with boundary scan
          ■ Hardware performance-monitoring
          features with on-chip trace buffer
          ■ Real-time clock
          ■ Operating-system timers
          ■ LCD Controller
          ■ Universal Subscriber Identity Module
          ■ Low power:
          —Wireless Intel Speedstep® Technology
          —Less than 500 mW typical internal
          —Supply voltage may be reduced to
          0.85 V
          —Four low-power modes
          —Dynamic voltage and frequency
          ■ High-performance memory controller:
          —Four banks of SDRAM: up to 104 MHz
          @ 2.5V, 3.0V, and 3.3V I/O interface
          —Six static chip selects
          —Support for PCMCIA and Compact
          —Companion chip interface
          ■ Flexible clocking:
          —CPU clock from 104 to 624 MHz
          —Flexible memory clock ratios
          —Frequency changes
          —Functional clock gating
          ■ Additional peripherals for system
          —SD Card / MMC Controller (with SPI
          mode support)
          —Memory Stick card controller
          —Three SSP controllers
          —Two I2C controllers
          —Four pulse-width modulators (PWMs)
          —Keypad interface with both direct and
          matrix keys support
          —Most peripheral pins double as GPIOs

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