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    extended desktop on Intel HD Graphics 2000


      Hello all,


      This week I bought a new computer and I'm having troubles activating the Extended Desktop feature.

      I tried the latest driver from both the manufacture (eMachines) and Intel sites.

      Driver version is:


      After installing the latest driver I can see the extended desktop working.

      Problem is after the first reboot. Then the drivers don't seem to recognize my second monitor.


      However on each boot I can see a clone on the "Starting Windows" screen of Windows 7.

      This tells me both monitors are ok, right?


      Upon the login screen of windows, the second monitor gives me "no video input" again.


      Attached is a printscreen for more info about my computer.


      Please help me since I bought this computer to work on 2 monitors


      Kind regards,


      Michaelintel hd graphics 2000.png