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    i7-930 and ocz3rpr2000lv6gk 3*2 sticks


      i have an asus p6x58d-e  and i7-930 running at stock speed .  the memory i got was ocz3rpr2000lb6gk (now defunked) the speed is rated at 2000 mhz@1.65v and timings ,now its not xmp memory and i can select d.o.c.p in the bios and select a speed of 1806 mhz or 2006 mhz and manualy select the ram voltage at 1.64 or 1.65 and it runs ok.my question is ist it safe to just run the memory at 2006mhz and 1.64 volts with this processor or is there something else i should alter in the bios