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    DP55SB mobo w win7 won't add 2tb drive


      Have a DP55SB mobo and cannot get it to mount on a sata connector. I'm backing up some files on it now through a USB/sata converter rig. I solved this problem once, and recently reloaded win7 after the initial first year of operation, and am going through this again. I have a Blu-ray DVD-rom drive and the main 1tb hard drive on the sata system, but can't add this 2tb storage drive to the mix. I want to say I have drivers up to date. Anyone else having this problem? 

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          This is a WD Black 2tb drive. When put on the system, system hangs on restart with cursor blink. I take the drive out and it restarts fine. 

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            I've read of some large HDDs having such issues if they use the new, more storage efficient sector sizes. If you have a way of backing up what's on the 2 TB drive then I'd do so and then zero fill it if possible using a WD HDD utility (most drive manufacturers put utility software on their websites for such purposes). I'd also make sure the motherboard BIOS was up to date but note that some 55 series boards have had issues documented in these forums with BIOS updates causing compatibility problems with graphics cards - the latest BIOS rev for this board (and the one before) both updates claim to have addressed these graphics card related issues but I'd definately make sure anything of value was backed up before attempting to flash the newest BIOS.


            The other thing which may cause what you're experiencing is if the 2 TB drive is being detected as the boot drive but isn't bootable. Is the 2 TB drive correctly detected in the BIOS now?

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              F_K had the answer to the puzzle. I was about ready to zero out the drive because I formatted it on my

              vista laptop thinking that may have been the snafu. I thought I'd look at the BIOS before I went through the zero out and format which really didn't seem like the solution. Sure enough, the BIOS was flipping the boot disk off the number one position. This never ocurred to me because it sounded dumb. Maybe we are still a few years away before truly smart computers are made. Now, if Ican ever get my IDCC to work everything will be perfect.