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    Soap Failure (12): Cannot AddUserAclEntryEx




      I've been trying to configure AMT for Enterprise mode in a test lab, and i can't seem to get around this SOAP error. The process in the logs is as follows,


      1. Incoming connection from

      2. Finshing provisioning AMT

      3. Start configuring the Intel AMT device UUID

      4. Set rng key on Intel AMT device

      5. Set domain to vprodemo.com

      6. set the host name to rg7pctrain12

      7. set VLAN parameters

      8. set Ping response

      9. Set TLS options

      10. Set enabled interfaces

      11. Remove existing 802.1x wired profile

      12. Successfully removed existing 802.1x wired profile

      13. Set ACL

      14. SOAP Failure (12): Cannot AddUserAclEntryEX: Source:.\Workers\SetACL.cpp, LINE=116


      Does anyone know where I should start looking for my mis-configuration? The obvious pointers are to the ACLs, but not sure what I could have possibly done wrong here.


      Kind Regards,


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