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    Problems with dual screens? - Anyone


      Have just got me a rocket machine including  i7, DH67CL motherboard and a new 24” Philips Screen, which works beautifully together.  Wanting dual screens I have connected my second screen – ViewSonic VA1912w series 19” to the PC.

      The result is, that the picture on the 2. screen only fill out 4/5 og the screen leaving a 1/5 black vertical bar on the left side.

      Have removed the ‘Intel HD Graphic driver’ and updated/installed ‘GFX_Win7_Vista_64_15.22.1.2361 driver’.  Still the same result. Have tried every possible change without a sufficient solution.
      Have even consulted my vendor without result.  Can anyone please help me?

      Regards Peter

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          I suggest you to post these kind of inquiries in the future into the Intel(R) Desktop Boards support forum for to expedite your concern.


          Concerning this issue, please let me know, what happens if you only test the ViewSonic VA1912w without the other monitor being connected?


          While troubleshooting this, be sure to be using the latest BIOS of the motherboard, the and load the latest inf driver of the ViewSonic monitor. Do not use a ny type of adapters or converters while testing this.


          And  please copy-paste the graphics report generated within the Intel® Graphics User Interface while the ViewSonic display is connected.  For information on how to retrieve this report, please visit the following page: