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    Graphics driver issue


      I have recently isntalled these drivers, which were given to me by this website's automatic system, and after installing them my card isn't recognized. I'm using intel onboard HD graphics in a Gateway SX2850-33 and before I installed them everything worked fine. Thanks in advance.

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          Please keep in mind that we provide generic drivers for the video controllers we designed, however your system manufacturer can add, remove, or customize some of the settings or features that the controller has, therefore they provide customized drivers to support such changes.


          So, you should try using the video driver that is directly provided by your Original Equipment Manufacturer on order to avoid any type of conflicts that may arise when using the generic drivers on our site.


          In addition, as a good practice, do not try to update a driver if the actual one is working fine and you are not experiencing any issues associated with the driver itself. And consider updating only when you have an issue that is marked as fixed in the release notes of the new version you want to install.