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    Intel® Rapid Storage Technology verify errors


      My raid state is back to normal,


      but each verify reports errors


      first verify 198 errors found

      second verify 150 errors found

      third verify 1 error found

      fourth verify 50 errors found


      Machine NOT overclocked and no problem since the first verify ... i just re-run verify when it reports errors ... but i expected that i would get 0 errors after pass 3 ... why 50 now ???? Array state is still normal ... is one of my drives dying but still healthy enough to continue ? if yes why does IRST not tell me what's going on and wich drive is the weakest ???? they have serial SZFJ1KQ311268 and SZFJ1KQ311269 so i'm worried they could die at the same time ... but without S.M.A.R.T feedback from IRST how can guess????