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    Display ID different in Windows than INTEL driver


      I'm having an issue that is really disturbing as I have some applications sent to an unactive display.


      I have two displays, one being a DELL DVI conected monitor and the other a SAMUNG HDMI connected LCD TV. Inside INTEL configuration I see the display numbering correctly, being 1 the monitor and 2 the LCD TV. But in windows (I use Windows 7 x64) if I check the resolution pannel the TV has number 1 and the monitor the 2. There is no way that I found to fix this.


      I have the monitor (number 2 in windows resolution display) set as the main display but anyway some applications like Word send additional windows to the TV set and most of the time it's powered off, so it's really irritating.


      I tried with and versions of Intel HD3000 driver (as previous versions crash the OS with a BSOD, known issue).

      I use an ASUS board with H67 chipset and a Core i5 2500K processor.