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    Problem with PCI&AEROSUPPORT


      hello guys,


      well is my first time publishing on a forum but i really needed to do it.. so the problem is: my boss gave me a server to make his configuration (installing operating system and drivers). the model of the server it's a intel sr1600urhs http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=48660.. So when i tried to make the installation of the operating system windows 7 the server just crashed on the conclusition of the OS.. so i search on the internet and on a website i saw it to go the Bios and disable a option named PCI&AEROSUPPORT so i did it and instantly i tried to install again the OS and was sucessfull.. The problem is i dont know what is PCI&AEROSUPPORT and why the server crashed when that option was enable and why i did the installation after i did disable on it...


      if you guys could help its a urgency!


      sorry for my bad english i'm a portuguese guy


      Thanks for help

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          PCI advance error reporting.


          The issue is the way the native NIC driver in WIN7 makes call in AER.


          Disabling AER will allow the instlation to complete.

          Loading a newer NIC driver will also let install complete and you can then re-enable AER if so desired.


          Not all devices can use AER and almost all will work fine without it.