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    PC can not turn ON immediately


      I got intel motherboard and intel processor (core 2 duo). I need some help.


      I have on my computer approximated 10 hour, and when i shut down the computer and immediately I wanted to ON again within 5 minute but my computer can not turn ON until 20 to 30 minute. What happening to my computer? Processor Over heat? What course it and How to resolve?


      Secondly, when I m shut down the computer the power can not turn OFF unless by force or press and hold the ON/OFF button. I m already checked the cable that I connected to motherboard are correct. Any adivse?

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          Sounds like software or a service is running when you power-off then has to recover when you power-on. What happens when you use "Shut-Down" from the start/orb button. It could be your Power-On/Off button is optioned incorrectly. More details about your system might help.