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    Intel RS2BL080 boots unbelievable slow!


      Hello everyone!


      I have had some issues with Intel RS2BL080 RAID card (which i have now connected to 6 x Hitachi 2TB drives), and after visiting Intel Support Area i've noticed a new firmware update that would solve it. I've downloaded it (Firmware IR3_2108SASHWR_FWPKG-v12.12.0-0048), flashed the RS2BL080 card, and rebooted.


      Everything looks ok (my RAID5 is still intact, thanks God for that), but the booting process (where the RAID and drives are identified) went from 15 seconds to arround 4 minutes. It's unbelievable slow, and i really need that fixed (this is a web server where every second of downtime really counts!).


      Please let me know how can i fix this!

      Thank you in advance!