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    Intel Wireless 6230 + Bluetooth - WPA2 Networks Don't Work




      I know there is already a thread on this, but I need some assistance.  My new Dell L502x system came configured with the 6230 wireless card.  I was not able to connect to WPA2 networks out of the box.  After updating drivers I still made no progress.  I changed the power settings to maximum performance and disabled the option that allowed the system to turn off the device but no dice.  I have had the card replaced and still nothing helped.  I paid extra for this card and it can't even connect to the most popular network security.  If someone could please help me with this issue it would be greatly appreciated as Dell has no other solution than to replace the card.


      Thanks, Mitch.

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          Don't know if you've fixed the issue by now, but I had the exact same problem. The connection would only work if I reinstalled the drivers everytime I needed an internet connection. After restarting windows 1-2 times (I'm on Windows 7 x64) I would be able to connect to my own WPA2-personal / AES network, but I would not be able to acces internet.


          What I found to work was to go to the Wireless Adapter Setting in your windows config and disable 802.11n mode, this suddenly made internet available. I have no clue why as I have no knowledge whatsoever about wireless networking but this I found to work. Hope it turns out well for you!