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    System that I am about to assemble


      I want to make sure that the system that I am about to purchase and assemble will do what I want it to do.  I want to seamlessly connect to my flat screen TV using HDMI.  The second most important item is to be able to do some video conversion and editing migrating from 8 mm tape to Blue-Ray


      I have selected the following I want to make sure that it all works and will do the above any suggestions or improvements would be appreciated.


      Intel desktop board DZ68D8 media series

      Intel i7 2600s 2.8 Ghz processor

      I am looking for 16 Gb of memory here not sure which

      Seagate st3200641 6G desktop storage 7200 RPM I will have 3 of these running in a RAID configuration for video editing

      Lite-on Blue Ray burner iHBS212-ob 12x

      Logitech diNovo edge 2 tone 84 key Bluetooth wireless mini keyboard

      Antec fusion remote desktop media center case csxsanfusionremomx

      Windows 7 home premium 64bit


      What do you think?