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    Help Needed For Nvidia N12P GV


      Hi, Could one of you Kind Soul & Experts in the Community please help.

      Next week I'll be getting my Asus Pro36SD notebook with an i7-2620M CPU + Nvidia's N12P GV 1G DDR3 VRam + Intel GMA HD Graphic.

      Earlier this week the vendor cheated and given me an Asus U36SD notebook claiming with an i7-2620M CPU (but it's a LGA1155 socket/packaging instead of PPGA988/FCBGA1023) + Nvidia'w Geforce GT520M 1G DDR3 VRam + Intel HD Graphic 3000, I've returned to them due to screen quality issue.

      Base on your expertise and knowledge, would like to know the following -

      1) Does LGA1155 support i7-2620M CPU or was I given another series CPU

      2) Which is a better GPU, N12P GV or GT520M & what series/model is N12P GV

      3) Is Intel GMA HD & HD 3000 the same graphic

      Please help to advise.


      U36SD IPIU 04072011.jpg