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    Sprinklers in computer room

      Due to fire codes, we require sprinklers throughout the building. How can legally remove these sprinklers? Do we need to install a halon system?

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          Javed Lodhi


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          Sprinklers are used in most of the offices for extinguishing fire in case of emergency despite the fact that Halon is used where fire supression materials like water can possibly

          damged space contents, which in case of sprinklers is if they use the water system as sprinklers too have four systems i.e. dry, wet, preaction and deluge.



          Now, as for Halon systems, Halon is a CFC gas that was used in fire suppression systems

          - especially where expensive electronics were used since it doesn't

          damage the electronics. It isn't being deployed anymore since it is a CFC (like Freon) and can

          damage the ozone layer. Existing installations can still use Halon,

          until it is used - it then needs to be replaced.The only place that uses new Halon systems are military aircraft. The

          low weight combined with the excellent fire-extinguishing properties

          makes it almost irreplaceable there. (as of date Nov 2003)



          Halon was banned especially in the US and Canada and I am not sure about the present situation but then you need to confirm it with your environmental safety staff.






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