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    3TB WD first recognized as 746GB, now not at all


      I have an intel DG965OT motherboard, I previously had 2 Seagate 1.5TB hard drives that worked fine.


      I recently picked up 2 Western Digital 3TB hard drives which I'm having problem getting the system to recognize.


      When I first installed them, I went to Windows Disk Management and they were only recognized as 746GB drives.  I researched the problem, it was recomended I install Intel Rapid Storage Technology, so I did.  Now after the restart the drives aren't recognized at all.


      The BIOS recognizes them in the Boot Disk Order, but nothing after Windows boots.  I looked for a BIOS update, but the Intel site says there isn't one for Windows 7 64bit.


      Any feedback or input would be greatly appreciated, I'd really like to utilize these drives.