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    DP45SG:  A Couple of Problems



      I just finished setting up a Vista (x64) system with the DP45SG. I used plain old ordinary Kingston 1066 memory from Newegg:






      I didn't overclock, and had none of the memory timing or double boot troubles noted in on the web. What I am having trouble with are:



      • Where is the Dolby Control Center software that's supposed to come with the motherboard? Initially, I didn't use the "Intel Express Installer Drivers and Bonus Application Software" disc that came with the system. Instead, I downloaded the latest BIOS and drivers from Intel's download site for the board:






      The audio drivers contain the IDT Audio Control Panel, but there's no Dolby Control Center that I can find. I browsed through that included disc and found nothing about it there, either. I searched the Intel Download area for it and found a version for other motherboards. But, there's nothing for this one. The one for other motherboards won't install (missing a driver file).



      • I've got an eSATA enclosure hooked up to the eSATA port on the back of the board. I set up my primary, internal eSATA drive as RAID (ready) so that I could have hot-swapping on that eSATA drive. If I boot the machine with that external drive on, I can use it just fine and can disconnect it with the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in Vista's System Tray area. But, if I just try to use it by turning it on after the system is up, nothing happens. The drive spins up, but there's no bee-boop sound indicating Vista is seeing it (and no "Safely Remove Hardware" icon appears). It doesn't show up in Vista's Computer Management screen, Device Manager, or the Intel Matrix Storage Console. Telling Vista to re-enumerate Plug & Play devices doesn't find it either. The only way I can get it to show up is to physically unplug either end of the eSATA cable and then plug it back in. At that point, the drive (and its "Safely Remove Hardware" icon) shows up. Any ideas on how to fix this?






      David A. Lessnau

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          Just an update.  On the lack of the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon for my eSATA drive, I went back and downloaded another file containing the same Matrix Storage Manager version and installed that.  Now it works.  Originally, I had downloaded "STOR_allOS_8.6.0.1007_PV.exe" from the board's Download area.  This time, I downloaded iata86enu.exe from:






          I have no idea why these different filenames exist.  But, that one seems to work.



          I still can find neither hide nor hair of that "Dolby Control Center" that's supposed to come with the board and is referenced in the 5th link of the "Value Added Software" section here:




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            Well, I jumped through the hoops and managed to figure out how to email Intel and ask them directly about the Dolby Control Center software.  It turns out, that even though they advertise this board as coming with the software, the software doesn't actually exist in 64 bit version.  They don't know when there will be a 64 bit version.  To the best of my knowledge, every intel board, chipset, and processor for the last two years or so (at least) has been 64 bit capable.  Ditto for operating systems.  So, why in the world would they provide software that is only 32 bit?  If I had know this, I would have bought a Gigabyte board.

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              I have found the supplied CD(drivers)the best option..I tried a Intel Download for Music Match on a D915GAGL motherboard and it would not even install..


              My New DQ965gf Integrated Sound Card seems to be lacking alot..even though my DVD Creations contain Dolby-Digital..in very nice COPY..


              I would suggest getting away from Integrated when going w/ 64-bit..so as too have better Settings..


              My Intel Products and the BOXED components are perfect..I would use no other..


              And for Intel Downloads I really have the CPU-ID program and a BIOS Recovery program..


              Of course I'm operating at 32-bit..what I have always done in my PC-building is to always use a brand New HDD for SYS. C:/..

              at the start..that first..OS Install..I only use a single RAM module..no PCI-expansion..


              I would remain with BOXED Intel Products.

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                Moving this thread to the Desktop Board section of the Support Community.



                Mike (Open Port Community Manager)

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                  Hi Mike, I have got 2 identical machines built. I have got DP45SG board, 2 GB 1333Mhz Transcend RAM, 9400 GT 512 Graphics card, an USB Mouse and PS2 keyboard(connected via PS2 to USB convertor to USB port) using windows XP - SP2. In one of the machines I am getting the USB issue as described in his thread. When the machine is booting, BIOS can recognise the mouse and keyboard. When the windows starts, I am able to login to windows but all of a sudden my keyborad and mouse stops working. Even after changing the USB ports it doesn't come up. Previously when such thing used to happen after changing the USB ports (means repluggin to other USB port) it could recognise the device. Keyboard's Caps lock keeps in ON condition, while in mouse there is NO light.


                  I Checked BIOS, the "legacy USB" and "USB" are ENABLED. In this condition when the windows is booted and keyboard and mouse is not working, I tried to connect the USB Pen Drive to one of the port. The light of the USB drive is ILLUMINATED so the USB drive is up. If I remove this drive and try to connect mouse to same port , still the mouse light is OFF and it is NOT Recognised. This is the observation that if I install XP and try to install Audio Drivers that comes with Intel Board CD, this problem also comes during and after installation of audio drivers.


                  I wonder if it's really that USB losing power, or there is something else to it? Any Intel Guy pls help to resolve the issue ASAP

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                    The dolby control center for DP45SG was released in beta,you can find at downloads,teh issue I encountered when downloading the beta is that once it starts the install process a error message will stop the install process and report that control center is not compatible for this board,but it soes state that it's beta software for this board

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                      It is Better To Disable The OnBoard AUDIO InDP 45 SG and USE AUDIO CARD In PCI Express Slot ,TO Solve Audio Problem, Never Install Audio

                      Driver in Intel If you Use AUDIO CARd, And DOLBY Software too,


                      FOR USB Problem, Buy Seperate Key Board and Mouse With USB Option, AVOID Using PS2 to USB converter, Reason is it is not Configured in BIOS , Rather Than It Is COnfigured IN Operating System only.


                      Thank you