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    intel gma 3150 on em350 netbook blackscreen


      Hello everyone,

      First of all i want you guys to know that i'm not really good at writing in english but i can understand it .

      I have a em350 netbook and i had some problems with it, so i am forced to run on "standard pc" mode not "acpi" as normal. The thing is that when i install the video driver from intel (intel gma 3150 for xp 32bit) my laptop monitor goes black, it works with an external though, and i want to know if it's anything i could do. I know that the monitor is not recognized by the driver or something like that (or no edid feedback), so what can i do?


      Also, i am a newbie so i might be wrong here or there ...



      Best Regards, Nicolae ...

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          Also, i found out that the driver switches the res to 1024x300  during the installation, maybe that's causing the black screen, as i said 4 freaking months ago i'm a newbie at those kind of things. i got a new laptop, but still i want to fix(well not quite fix, just make the vga driver run so i can use higher res) this one also.