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    23 hz choppy on TV


      I am trying to watch a movie hardware accellerated with my i5 2410 laptop (Toshiba Satellite 830) on my panasonic TV using media player classic home-cinema. The problems occur when I choose 23 hz or 24 hz in the HD graphics 3000 software. The movie will play beautifully for a few minutes but then it gets very choppy for a couple of minutes or so. This cycle then repeats itself. HPC-HC seems to think the file is playing fine since it does not report any dropped frames. That is why It seems to me that the problem is with the integrated graphics driver. I am using the latest drivers (


      If I choose to go for 60 hz there is no problem. Therefore I dont think its the harddrive or any other hardware. I can not figure this out on my own and I have searched the web for this but cant find anything. Greatful for any help.


      thank you