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    RAID Controller Axxrombsasmr Seagate Constellation 3TB


      Hi all,


      I've got an S5520HCR board and have just added the RAID controller and 6Bay expander to it.


      The RAID Controller is the   



      The expander is the



      I then ordered 3x Seagate Constellation ES2 7200.2 3TB SAS disks, model ST33000650SS


      But the problem I have is the controller says that they are "Unconfigured Bad".

      When I try to make them "Unconfigured Good", it says it cannot start the disk.

      The BIOS on the controller reports them as having 0MB available?

      I've tested the backplane with a 2TB WD Black SATA, which is detected fine.


      I've also downloaded the latest firmware for both the controller and the backplane.


      I've looked at the backplane compability list (now which is after the fact) and it reports the model as 3Gbs only.

      I hope this only means max rates, not interface compatibility?


      Can anyone offer any advice on what else I can try?


      Thank You.