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    Intel DZ68DB cannot start (maybe RAM compatibility issue)




      I've bought an Intel DZ68DB motherboard.


      I'm trying use it with my DIMM DD3 Kingston KVR1333D3/N9. When I turn on the system with this RAM device, the speaker makes one short beep once, then the system turns off, then it turns on and so many times (until I sitch the power off).


      When I start the system without any RAM modules, it starts, then it beeps 3 short times (memory error signal).


      I tried to replace power supply, connect and disconnect videocard, connect and disconnect peripherals and so on. Nothing happens.  After some search I've found the advice to replace my DIMM, because "Double-sided DIMMs with x16 organization are not supported"  by Intel DZ68DB.


      I have two questions:
      1. Is my DIMM really compatible with DZ68DB board (according to Kingston's site, it is) ?
      2. What memory modules are recommended to use with DZ68DB?  I have found Intel's memory recommendations for my board, but I want to see a list of vendors and models, not technical details, because I cannot determine (for example) is any particular DIMM "x16 organized" or not.