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    S5500BC with RMM3 problem with KVM console


      Dear all,

      I need you help. Sorry for my English. I have server board S5500BC with RMM3. When I try to connect to remote console via KVM console I receive error message: Error reading video data or Error opening video socket.

      I tried to find this issue here in forum and via google. The advice are update FW to lates versions, reset BMC to default, update JAVA. I done all this things, but I was not successful.

      My actual FW is:

      System BIOS  - 57
      BMC Firmware - 00.56
      ME Firmware  - 1.12

      FRUSDR       - 22


      I done reset BMC and RMM3 via syscfg and EFI shell: syscfg –rfs


      But I still have problems with connection via KVM console. I receive the same error mesages. Do you know how I can solve my problem?


      Thank you in advance.