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    Missing S.M.A.R.T. support on SATA Bus 0 (6G/s) on DH67BL


      Hello there,


      I just installed my new DH67BL with 5 Harddrives, the System Harddrive is a Intel 510 120GB SSD. The Drive installed on SATA Bus 0 cannot deliver S.M.A.R.T. Information, the "Intel Desktop Utilities" Software just shows: S.m.a.r.t.: disabled for Bus 0, the other drives are fine. I double checkted it by plugging different drives into bus 0, the drives and the cable are fine. I have the newes available BIOS installed.


      Hase anyone else this problem? Is there a solution available? Is SMART still working, even if the "Intel Desktop Utilities"-Tools shows: SMART Disabled?


      Thank your for your help,


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          I have a DH67GD, same as DH67BL, except firewire & display port populated, same bios and drivers.

          This is just to tell you that a Seagate 6Gb/s sata 7200.12 1TB HDD installed in sata slot #0 responds to smart informations request, using IDU or Crystaldiskinfo.

          It is the same with a Western Digital caviar blue 1TB (EALX) 6Gb/s HDD.

          Bios rev. 122, smart enabled in bios,  Intel Management Engine driver installed.


          Maybe you can check if there is an option for smart enabling with the SSD.

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            It's probably not the fault of the drives. IDU isn't too "smart" about reading SSD SMART data. If you want to verify the drive I suggest you download and run Crystal Disk Info. It still needs work but it's the only utility I know that can read the SMART registers from SSDs with any reliability. It will also tell you the supported features of the drive such as TRIM and NCQ.


            You can get it here: http://crystalmark.info/?lang=en